6 Must-Haves for Women in Home Shopping

January 31, 2013

Women are a big part of the housing market and often times the decision-makers when it comes to the design of the home. Consequently, more real estate professionals, designers, and marketers are taking notice of women’s home preferences. 

What do women want in a home? Consumer research experts from Coldwell Banker Real Estate, John Burns Real Estate, and others weigh in to women’s home preferences in a recent article at MSN:

  • Big closets
  • A great kitchen: That entails “big open kitchens that include space for dining, entertaining, doing homework, using computers, watching TV, and hanging out together,”  the article says.
  • Great location: Women usually care more about location and less about the size, says Mollie Carmichael, consumer research expert at John Burns Real Estate Consulting.  
  • A comfortable place for socializing: It could be a kitchen island or counter, a comfortable den, or a corner with some chairs and sofa in front of a fireplace.
  • Low maintenance, such as “no-paint exterior siding, no-fuss landscaping, and homes that are new or recently renovated,” according to MSN
  • A two-car garage

Source: “11 Things Woman Want in a Home,” MSN (January 2013)

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