How to Execute Your Content Strategy

February 4, 2013

Real estate agents need a content strategy to boost search engine optimization, enhance their brand, engage consumers, and distinguish themselves from others in the same business, according to Jessica Swesey of 1000watt, a marketing, design, and strategy firm focused on real estate.

Content involves more than just blog and Facebook posts; indeed, it encompasses an agent's voice, tone, and message.  When creating content, Swesey says practitioners should:

  • Speak in the language of their audience
  • Avoid industry jargon
  • Keep their thoughts on track
  • Provide the facts and let users form their own opinions
  • Recognize the difference between voice and tone
  • Offer separate spaces for the various messages they want to send to different audiences. 
  • Reveal information about themselves to make them more human
  • Eliminate unnecessary, excess words

Once they master the content basics, agents can focus their strategy on ranking high in local searches; roll out image content; hire writers, photographers, videographers, and producers to continue putting out unique content; and build trust through online reviews.  However, they should take care to avoid content that is not related to their strategy and objectives.

"Words, Copy, Content and Opportunity," Inman News (Jan. 31, 2013)

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