Ivy League School Offers Free Homes

February 26, 2013

Princeton University is offering free houses to the public, but they have to be able to haul the domiciles away.

The homes—which have in the past been used as university offices or for other purposes—are all located south of campus on Alexander Street and have been made available to the public for free in as-is condition. 

The homes are slated to be demolished to make room for future Princeton University Art and Transit project, which will include a train station and retail ventures. As such, the homes will need to be moved for any one who wants to claim them. The homes will need to be relocated by the end of April.

The homes are currently empty.

Anyone interested in the free homes are encouraged to contact the Princeton University Office of Community and Regional Affairs via phone (609-258-3204) or email (pucra@princeton.edu).

Source: “Princeton University Giving Away Homes for Free -- With Just One Big Catch,” AOL Real Estate (Feb. 25, 2013)