One Year In, REALTOR® University’s Graduate Real Estate Program Thrives

February 27, 2013

February 27 marks the one-year anniversary of REALTOR® University’s Master of Real Estate degree program. The National Association of REALTORS® created REALTOR® University to help REALTORS® bring value to home buyers, sellers, and investors.

With 50 active students, the program is now one of the largest graduate real estate programs in the world. Students come from 26 states and Canada and range in age from 25 to 70.

“The Master of Real Estate degree program has gone a long way toward raising professionalism in real estate and creating the highest standard of competency in the industry,” said REALTOR® University President and NAR Chief Executive Officer Dale Stinton. “Our ultimate vision is to be the leading resource for advanced education in real estate.”

The university delivers its programs through a global online campus to meet the needs of a diverse and geographically dispersed student population. Courses include a business and real estate core curriculum and concentration areas in Asset and Property Management, Residential Sales, Marketing and Management, Appraisal and Valuation Services and Commercial Investment and Analysis.

“Our goal is to foster lifelong student learning through high-quality entrepreneurial and career-oriented programs in real estate, and to deliver practice-based, applied, current and specialized knowledge opportunities,” said Chairman of the University Board of Regents Richard Rosenthal.

Courses are offered in eight-week sessions, six times annually and taught by Ph.D.-level academic/practitioners. Realtor® University also has the largest real estate library in the world and a Center for Real Estate Studies, a think tank and real estate research laboratory that provides current, hands-on and results-oriented data and analysis relevant to practical applications of industry trends and policy issues. The Center has produced research projects on topics including generational homeownership trends, housing mobility, and the rent vs. buy decision. The first issue of The Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies will be published in spring 2013.

Melvin Guerrero, a student from Honolulu, said, “I cannot give enough praise to the program, professors, staff and the rewards of the degree. Learning how to apply this knowledge to everyday work is absolutely breathtaking. No matter how long you have been in the business there is something everyone will take away from this program.”

For more information on REALTOR® University, visit or call 855-786-6546 (855-RU-ONLINE).