4 Ways to Boost Referrals

March 18, 2013

Sales reps need to focus on business development and prospecting if they hope to earn a six-figure annual income. Here are some suggestions of what agents who want to boost referral business should do from sales trainer John Boe:

  • Always remember to ask for referrals—something they should do so right after closing a sale or providing a valuable service, rather than just prior to the closing. 
  • They should train and reward advocates, or those people willing to recommend them to friends and associates, using role-playing sessions to build up their confidence, providing feedback on the status of their referrals, and sending thank you gifts. 
  • Salespeople should quickly make initial contact with each referral, preferably within two business days, and spend at least two hours per day calling referrals, contacting them in the morning when they are most alert and using a phone script to ensure they provide all key information. 
  • Additionally, they should avoid wasting time on low-probability prospects and never take rejection personally.

"Six Powerful Prospecting Tips to Build Your Business," RISMedia (March 14, 2013)

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