Prospecting: Persistence, Consistency Win Out

March 29, 2013

Agents need to be both consistent and persistent when it comes to prospecting because making one phone call, knocking on one door, sending one postcard, or connecting with their sphere once is not enough to build relationships and generate business. They must put prospecting on their calendars to ensure that it gets done, blocking off a certain amount of time every day for this purpose.

Realty professionals also need to change their views about prospecting -- looking at it as merely an opportunity to connect, talk to people, ask questions, and determine whether they can offer a service.  They must be prepared to be told "no;" but if they put themselves out there, they will also be told "yes" -- and those respondents could become lifetime customers who send referrals their way.

Agents additionally must be creative when it comes to prospecting, using innovative ways to stay top-of-mind; and most importantly, they need to be consistent, always bringing their best to the table.

Source: "The Power of Consistency and Persistence," Realty Times (03/27/13)

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