5 Start-up Homebuilders to Watch

April 18, 2013

As the housing recovery charges forward, some new homebuilders are emerging on the scene, hoping to carve out an innovative niche. The National Home Builders Association expects new-home sales will likely reach its highest point in six years within the next six months.

The homebuilders “benefiting most are innovative companies offering zero-energy and smart homes, affordable modular options, unprecedented customization, and attractive warranty and service options,” Upstart Business Journal reports.

The publication noted several start-up builders to watch during the housing recovery, including companies like:

▪ TRI Pointe Homes: Based in Irvine, Calif., the company filed for an initial public offering in January, raising $233 million in funds. The company builds high-end homes in subdivisions in California and Colorado, and boasts innovative features like junior master suites for live-in adult children and standard solar panels in some of its communities.

▪ Blu Homes: Based in Waltham, Mass., it creates modern, pre-fab, green homes using 3D technology to help buyers determine the home they want.

▪ GreenPointe Holdings: Based in Jacksonville, Fla., the builder emphasizes sustainable development and has an Intelligent Green building program, which helps buyers affordably add eco-friendly features to their new homes.

▪ RSI Development: Based in Newport Beach, Calif., the company is trying to modernize and revolutionize the modular home, creating its “The New House” in just 40 days with a starting price at $89,000.

▪ Nexus EnergyHomes: Based in Annapolis, Md., the company builds net-zero homes, which produce as much energy as they consume. The homes are powered with geothermal systems, insulated wall panels, and solar panels.

Source: “7 startup homebuilders seize the day as housing market rebounds,” Upstart Business Journal (April 17, 2013)