For Housing Confidence, Millennials Lead the Way

April 19, 2013

They might be thought of as a nomadic generation unwilling to settle down, but a recent study by Prudential Real Estate reports millennials are more confident than any other age group that the real estate market will soon recover.

“There was a lot of negativity when all the problems in real estate were happening,” says Earl Lee, president and CEO of Prudential, “but this generation was either too young or too preoccupied with school at the time to notice.”

According to the study, real estate market confidence declines steadily for each successive age group. Eighty percent of 25-to-34 year olds have confidence in the market’s future, compared with 73 percent of 55-to-64 year olds who believe real estate is rebounding.

“Gen X and Gen Y are not as clued in to some of the troubles their parents have gone through in exactly the same way,” Lee says. As these younger would-be home owners enter the workforce and interact with others who own property, their desire to purchase a house increases, he adds.

This could translate into a significant spike in home sales among millennials, which would be good for themselves and the communities where they put down roots, Lee says.

"All of the monumental events that happen in a young person's life start to focus them on real estate and what it has to offer," he says. "These young generations are now all about local involvement, and what better place to do that than in a community where you own a home?"

— Melissa Kandel, REALTOR® Magazine

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