Smartphone Security Risk Remains High

May 2, 2013

Nearly 40 percent of smart phone users don’t take basic security measures such as installing a password on their phone, according to Consumer Reports’ annual State of the Net report. 

By failing to take security measures, about 5.6 million Americans have become victim to malicious software, which could result in the sending of unauthorized text messages or even having accounts on their handset accessed without permission. 

Apps may also be to blame. The Consumer Reports study found that nearly 48 million Americans stopped installing a mobile app because they started to get uncomfortable when the app asked for too many permissions during the installation process. 

Allowing your phone to track your location prompted 1 percent of respondents to say that someone in their household had been harassed by someone using location-tracking  features to pinpoint their location. Seven percent of those surveyed say they want to turn off the service but aren’t sure how to do it. 

Source: “Consumer Reports: Smartphone safety is lacking,” Tech Spot (May 1, 2013)

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