Bring Expireds Back: Here's How

May 29, 2013

Real estate agents hoping to succeed with expired listings need to have the right attitude to help these discouraged sellers, and they need the right approach so that they do not seem pushy.

Agents need to convince the seller they can get the job done, and they increase their chances of success with direct response postcards that feature questions and statements already in the seller's mind so that they turn to the agent for the solution.  This strategy works because it warms the call, positions the agent as an expired specialist, and offers valuable information to the target audience.

The final ingredient for success with expireds is salesmanship, which not only requires the right attitude and approach but also the right dialogue and the ability to empathize with customers.  Agents should put expireds from the MLS into their prospect database at least once a week, then send direct response postcards to these expireds every two to three days over the following two weeks.  They should follow up with these prospects via telephone and offer to provide something of value in exchange for viewing the property and making some recommendations; and they should bring collateral pieces to the listing appointment and begin building relationships with a focus on attitude, approach, and salesmanship.

Source: "EXPIREDS: 3 Keys for 'Picking' This 'Low Hanging Fruit,'" Realty Times (05/24/13)

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