Shoot Better Video on Your Smartphone

June 13, 2013

Video is the most effective way for real estate agents to showcase unique content online, but it can be difficult for them to master the technique of shooting and editing video given the technology and time involved.  However, an individual agent's video strategy can be more powerful than that of a national or global company because they can walk through the neighborhood and showcase important features. 

Moreover, new technology makes it easier for busy agents to create quality videos, as nearly every new smartphone lets users shoot HD video.  Although stabilization can be a challenge for smartphone videos, some devices come with stabilization software to reduce shakiness.  There also are stabilization apps, like Luma, though adding an extra stabilizer can require them to move the camera very slowly.  For further stability, agents can stand tall, keep their feet at least shoulder-width apart, use two hands, hold their smartphones horizontally, and pull the camera slowly with their leading hand in the direction they want the shot to move and keep their body still from the waist down. 

Once their video is done, they can upload it directly to their YouTube channel or first take advantage of various video production apps to add voice-overs and otherwise edit the video.  They should use YouTube's "Share" option to embed the code for their YouTube channel in their neighborhood website.

Source: "Shooting Quality Real Estate Video on the Go With Your Smartphone," Inman News (June 10, 2013)

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