The 10 Fastest-Growing Suburbs

June 26, 2013

Not everyone is moving to the city. Suburbs remain popular among home buyers. 

Coldwell Banker recently released its list of the top booming American suburbs. The brokerage evaluated 1,500 suburbs to find the ones that offered the most employment growth, community safety, proximity to good schools, best commute times, and nearby access to stores. 

The following suburbs made its list: 

1. Cottage Lake, Wash.
2. Prairieville, La. 
3. Fruit Cove, Fla. 
4. Sammamish, Wash.
5. Mercer Island, Wash.
6. Riverton, Utah
7. Brentwood, Tenn.
8. Lehi, Utah
9. Cooper City, Fla. 
10. Maple Valley, Wash.

Source: “10 Fastest-Growing Suburbs in America,” Business Insider (June 25, 2013)

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