Energy Costs Added to Chicago Home Listings

July 8, 2013

Chicago will reportedly become the first city in the country to include energy costs on home listings. Homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service in Chicago will display annual and monthly energy costs, including gas and electric service to the home.

Only real estate agents will have access to view the information initially and will then be able to share it with their clients.

Home owners in the city will provide agents with account numbers for electrical and natural gas companies. A computer program will then be used to automatically pull the monthly and annual energy cost information. Those energy estimates will be included on the property listing.

The city is expected to announce the change Wednesday. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says providing such information about a home to buyers will increase the value of homes that are more energy efficient. The city also hopes the move will prompt more home owners to make energy-saving upgrades to their homes. 

Source: “Chicago to include energy costs on home listings,” Daily Herald (July 5, 2013) and “City property listings to include energy costs,” The Chicago Tribune (July 3, 2013)

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