Marketing Your Listing for Today's Buyers

July 11, 2013

The real estate marketing practices of a decade ago—yard signage, print advertising, and postcard mailings—do not measure up in today's increasingly online world. 

"If you haven't been in the real estate market for five or ten years, you may be surprised how much the home-buying experience has changed thanks to the Internet," notes Brian Balduf of VHT Studios, which offers photography and digital marketing for residential and commercial properties. "Buyers use iPads and tablets to shop online and compare homes for sale.  They scan hundreds of listings, looking for properties that catch the eye." 

What that means for modern real estate sales is the need for online flair, especially when it comes to property images. According to new research from VHT, professional photos can boost perceived value by as much as 13 percent.  To get the best sales price, Balduf recommends having a professional snap photos of the home, publishing a video of the property on YouTube, and providing interactive floor plans that show how rooms relate to each other.

Source: "5 Tips to a Higher Home Sale Price," The Street (June 10, 2013)

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