Using Social Media the Right Way

July 15, 2013

With a study by the Home Buying Institute indicating that 40 percent of agents have closed two to five deals as a direct result of their social media marketing, it makes sense for property professionals to have a dedicated social media strategy.

Creating such a strategy involves determining the right social media platform for their message, with Facebook suitable to highlight new listings, Instagram to post exterior photos, Pinterest to post interior photos, and Twitter to discuss local news and provide housing updates.  Those with little time to devote to numerous social media pages should consistently update at least one page with all of the aforementioned content.

Agents also should use social media to deliver local industry data—such as rental rates, mortgage rates, new developments, and even retail deals. Moreover, they should use social media to communicate with clients and prospects, building relationships and establishing trust, and to actively seek leads by keeping an eye out for consumers asking for real estate recommendations.

Source: "Four Ways to Reach Home Buyers Using Social Media," Realty Times (June 12, 2013)

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