RPR Gets Major Franchise Backing

July 29, 2013

Coldwell Banker announced that it has partnered with Realtors Property Resource® to give its agents an edge in their marketplace with increased access to market and property data. Agents within Coldwell Banker’s franchises will receive training on the database and have access to customized reports that will be branded with the company’s logo and name. 

RPR, owned by the National Association of REALTORS®, is available to all NAR members. It is an online real estate database that features national, regional, and local property and market trend information on more than 150 million U.S. properties. 

RPR CEO Dale Ross says RPR is “very pleased that Coldwell Banker is the first national franchise to fully support RPR’s value proposition and how its features, products, and reports can be beneficial to their companies, brokers, and agents.”

Budge Huskey, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, says he sees RPR has a powerful tool for real estate professionals. 

“We all know that information is power in our business, and more and more information is available to consumers from alternative sources than a REALTOR® — and shame on us as REALTORS® if we don’t use every single tool and information that we have available to us in counseling our customers,” Huskey told Inman News. 

Coldwell Banker will debut a training program for its franchises so that agents will learn how to produce RPR’s neighborhood and market activity reports. Agents will also learn how to complete a “comps analysis” that they can use to assist their clients’ decision-making during counseling sessions and listing appointments. 

“RPR affords those within our industry the opportunity to generate trust by providing consumers with a detailed understanding of local market trends and aspects of individual properties,” says Huskey. “We’ve worked with RPR leadership to evaluate the tools and determine the best way to fully leverage RPR within the Coldwell Banker network.  We believe that RPR can be of great assistance in further positioning our agents as the experts of choice for the public when conducting a real estate transaction, who may serve as the source for a level of information previously only available through extensive research.”

Watch a video of Huskey talking about Coldwell Banker’s partnership with RPR:

Source: Coldwell Banker and “RPR has a new ally: Coldwell Banker,” Inman News (July 25, 2013)

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