Are ‘Smart Homes’ At Risk of Hackings?

August 1, 2013

"Smart homes" that have systems connected to the Internet may be at risk of being hacked, which could allow criminals to control everything from a garage door to the home’s locks, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

Home owners are increasingly wiring their homes so they can control its functions, from heaters to toilets, via a computer, smartphone, or tablet. But some smart-home technology may pose security threats, said researchers at a technology conference in Las Vegas this week. 

At the conference, Aaron Grattafiori, a security researcher at iSEC Partners in San Francisco, is expected to show how hackers can take control of a new TV set from Samsung Electronics that has a camera. Hackers can use the camera to spy on home owners, even when the home owners think the camera is turned off.  

"As we increase the smarts of everything, it really means more attack surfaces," Grattafiori said.

Researchers urged manufacturers to take more steps to conduct a security review of their products and make sure they aren't susceptible to hackers. 

Source: “Hackers Expose How Connected Toilets, Heaters and Lightbulbs Are at Risk,” The Wall Street Journal (July 31, 2013)

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