Online Listing Descriptions Gone Wild

August 1, 2013

Want your online listing description to get more attention? Try something like this: "You are humbled, like what happens when we stare out to sea & feel small. ... Wait a minute! Is that a family room off the kitchen? Toss me a Pop-Tart Mom!!!!"

That eloquent — if not enigmatic — description is an example of the work of Washington, D.C., real estate agent Tom Faison. He says agents need to use online listing descriptions to sell an experience as well as a home. Faison said he prefers to use vague, confusing, and even ridiculous descriptions to make buyers curious about the listing, rather than simply list the home's features.

Dying for another one of Faison's writing samples? Here you go: "Someone please explain how this builder fit a V-8 engine in a Porsche 911? How they made a Maserati that seats 6?"

While they may be fun to write, Faison admits that price is still the main factor in selling a home. So why does he take the time to write them? "Like all real estate agents, I crave attention," he said.

Source: "The Agent Who Spices Up Real Estate Listings," Washingtonian (July 30, 2013)

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