4 Exterior Areas to Not Neglect for Home Showings

August 14, 2013

A home’s outdoor space will set the first impression to prospective home buyers. A recent Realty Times article by Lillian Montalto offers some of the following tips on ramping up the curb appeal of these outdoor spaces: 

  • Garage spaces: “Invest in trays, bins, shelving, and anything else that will organize the space,” Montalto writes. “Stow similar objects together. Hang items on wall hooks when possible. And above all, make certain there isn’t an overload of equipment to begin with, even if you need to store larger items at a storage unit or friend’s house.” 
  • Patios and decks: Declutter, restain (if needed), and pressure-wash the bricks, pavers, and outdoor furniture, Montalto writes. 
  • Yard: Fix any sidewalks, driveway, or walkway cracks. Ensure sellers mow the lawn and make sure nothing is overgrown or blocking any views of the home from the street. Spruce up the yard with colorful flowers and planters. 
  • Exteriors: Fix any peeling paint and trim, and make sure windows are sparkling clean. Also, take careful note that any exterior hardware and the house numbers are in good shape. 

Read more ideas at Realty Times.

Source: “Key Rules to Showing Your Home: Preparing the Exterior,” Realty Times (Aug. 9, 2013)

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