Cops: Duo Pose as Agent, Buyer to Rob Homes

August 15, 2013

Two women in Houston posing as a real estate agent and a home buyer conned sellers into leaving their homes for showings so the duo could rob their houses, according to police. One of the schemers was being held in police custody Tuesday, and the other was still at large. 

In one incident, the owners of a listed home were notified by their real estate agency that a buyer wanted to see their house right away, police said. The owners left the home immediately without putting their jewelry away, and when they returned, the jewelry was gone. The real estate agency told police that the woman posing as an agent used a real estate license and number. However, she did not have a super key so the home owners had to let her and the buyer inside. 

Police believe the women may be involved in similar crimes reported in the area. Another home owner reported credit cards being stolen from the home during a showing, and soon after, $30,000 was charged to the cards. 

Police are still searching for Laura Kristen Campos, who they believe was posing as the real estate agent. Police are also warning local real estate professionals to use caution when arranging showings with agents who aren’t in their network. 

Source: “Women accused of posing as realtor, buyer to burglarize home,” (Aug. 13, 2013)

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