Kick Bad Habits, Boost Your Income

August 23, 2013

According to real estate speaker and coach Todd Robertson, real estate professionals can boost their yearly incomes by $10,000 to $50,000 by eliminating bad habits.

Here are three bad habits agents should kick:

  • Waiting for business to come to you.
  • Sending too much time designing overly elaborate marketing pieces.
  • Getting lost in the busy-work of administrative tasks.

How should practitioners be spending their time? Prospecting, presenting, and closing, Robertson said.  Here are three tips:

  • Create a daily schedule and stick to it.
  • Work on your listing presentation and objection-handling skills at least every week.
  • As for brokers, Robertson says they should create fun and productive environments through team building exercises, weekly contests, and outside speakers, among other activities.

Source: "Habits: The Good, the Bad and the Game Changers" Realty Times (08/21/13)

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