10 Most Youthful Towns

August 29, 2013

Many real estate experts are pointing to Millennials as a major force behind the housing recovery. If that's true, then these 10 towns are in great shape.

Money Magazine recently ranked the youngest towns in America as part of its "Best Places to Live" series. Many of them are college towns, where the median age is under 22 years old.

The top 10 youngest towns (along with the median age of their residents) in the nation are: 

  1. Eagle Mountain, Utah: 19.9 years old
  2. Durham, N.H.: 20.3 years old
  3. Amherst Center, Mass.: 20.7 years old
  4. Allendale, Mich.: 20.9 years old
  5. College Park, Md.: 21.7 years old
  6. Athens, Ohio: 22 years old
  7. East Lansing, Mich.: 22 years old
  8. Whitewater, Wis.: 22 years old
  9. State College, Pa.: 22.3 years old
  10. Boone, N.C.: 22.3 years old

Source: “Best Places to Live: 25 Youngest,” Money Magazine (August 2013)

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