Launch of iPhone Trade-In Program Expected

August 30, 2013

Apple is reportedly launching an iPhone trade-in program next month, allowing users to trade in their older models for new ones at Apple stores. The move coincides with the anticipated release of a new iPhone model. 

Old iPhones can still fetch a high trade-in price — anywhere from $150 to $350, depending on the model, USA Today reports. Retailers, such as Target and Best Buy, and several wireless carriers have been recently touting their iPhone trade-in programs. Also, online sites such as Gazelle and NextWorth are gaining in popularity as a place for iPhone users to get cash for their old phones.  

“Owners of iPhones don’t put old ones in drawers anymore,” says Charles Wolf, an analyst with Needham & Co. “They’re selling them.” 

No official launch date has been announced for Apple’s trade-in program. Several media publications are reporting that Apple will be holding an event Sept. 10 to debut its new iPhone, and the company may make the announcement then. The new iPhone has been rumored to include a fingerprint sensor and upgrades to the phone’s camera.  

Source: “Apple to launch iPhone trade-in initiative next month,” TechSpot (Aug. 29, 2013) and “Apple Expected to Launch In-Store iPhone Trade-in Deal,” USA Today (Aug. 27, 2013)

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