Real Estate Embraces Mobile Marketing

September 4, 2013

With most agents owning smartphones and home buyers conducting property searches on mobile devices, mobile marketing has become common in real estate.

Mobile marketing can be useful to buyers in several phases of the buying process. During the research phase, postcard listings with QR codes enable buyers to scan the code for more information about a home or take them to a landing page where they can receive an e-book or coupon if they sign up for the agent's e-mail newsletter.

Agents should provide information about themselves via blogs that can be viewed on mobile devices. In the discussion and planning phase, buyers will want to share information about listings with their decision-making partner, so agents must ensure that blog posts and listings feature their contact information and tools that allow sharing via e-mail or social media.

When it comes time for buyers to make a decision, agents should give them something of value in order to build trust. They must keep in mind that consumers make decisions based on trust, convenience, and economics; and if they provide these, buyers will need the agent's help -- even with the vast amount of information available to them online.

Source: "Mobile Marketing Is Made for the Real Estate Industry," Business2Community (08/29/13)

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