Keep Your Site Safe From Cyber Attacks

September 9, 2013

Cyber criminals are turning to hacking into legitimate web sites to distribute malicious codes more so than using e-mail nowadays, experts say.

An average of 30,000 web sites are identified as distributing malicious code to users every day. Many of these are legitimate web sites owned by small business owners who have no idea their sites are holding viruses that are distributing adult content, gambling, and other vices to visitors.

“Cyber criminals have automated scanning tools scouring the web looking for web sites to infect to deploy their malicious code,” Forbes reports. “Their target could be a personal blog, a small business web site, or a massive news site. Wherever there is a vulnerability they will happily capitalise on it to spread their wares.”

How can you keep your web site safe from cyber criminals? Forbes offer some of the following tips: 

  • Make sure your web site was created using sound, secure coding principles. Download this PDF from the Open Web Application Security Project and make sure your site complies.
  • Check regularly for updates from your web server software and any other software you use.
  • Encrypt any transfer of personal information on your site using SSL.
  • Back up your web site frequently so that if your site is attacked, you’ll be able to restore it. 

Source: “30,000 Web Sites Hacked A Day. How Do You Host Yours?” (Sept. 6, 2013)

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