Must-Do SEO Techniques for Real Estate Pros

September 26, 2013

Want to boost your site rankings, increase traffic, and generate more leads? Who doesn't?! Here are basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that every real estate agent with a Web site should be using:

  1. Use tools from Google to analyze your competition and the keywords they use to land on search pages. Determine keyword variations that might work for you.
  2. For your own page, make sure to SEO-optimize your posts using keywords in page titles, meta-descriptions, alt-tags, and file names. 
  3. Blog frequently to reap the rewards Google gives to sites with fresh, engaging, and relevant content, but be sure to optimize those blogs as well. 
  4. Fix or eliminate dead links and concentrate more on providing fresh content than on adopting numerous link strategies.

Source: "5 Must-Do SEO Practices for Real Estate Agents With a Website," Realty Biz News (Sept. 25, 2013)

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