For Transit, Local Support Beats All

October 2, 2013

A new report by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy reveals that transit quality ranks third in predicting the success of transit-oriented development.

Government intervention is the most important factor, according to the report, which showed that TOD was successful when local governments rezoned a corridor to promote mixed-use development, created a comprehensive plan for the area, sought investors, marketed the program, and provided financial incentives, among other things.

Land potential, including regional market strength and corridor quality, also ranked higher than transit quality. Thus, cities seeking TOD investments should consider transit quality only after developing a robust government intervention plan and identifying a corridor with great potential, and they should be aware that light rail, bus-rapid transit, and streetcars had similar TOD investment outcomes.

Source: "The Surprising Key to Making Transit-Oriented Development Work," The Atlantic Cities (09/24/13)

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