Halloween Shareables for Your Facebook Followers

October 31, 2013

You know that it's important to engage with your social media following, and Halloween may just be the most fun time of the year to connect with your audience. With spooky stories, interesting facts about "haunted" houses, and Halloween tips, you're sure to scare up a smile on your followers' faces — and we've got you covered.

Here at REALTOR® Magazine, we really get into the "spirit" of Halloween, and we've got plenty of fun, scary stories on our site that would make for a great share on your Facebook page. So if you're looking for Halloween content today to share with your following, try these stories — if you dare.

Bone-Chilling Tales from the Real Estate Field

A drip line in a home that keeps reappearing every time after an agent cleans it up; something sinister that pops up in listing photos; lights that turn off by themselves when everyone leaves the room. We asked practitioners for their scariest real estate stories, and they'll definitely send chills up your spine! Read and share this story.

Haunted Houses Don't Scare Off Buyers

Would you buy a house you suspected was haunted? Neither would we! But clearly, we're not like most home buyers. According to one study, homes next to cemeteries tend to sell for a lot more per square foot. Read and share this story.

The Scariest Place in a Home

It's not the basement, despite the near-universal fear that Freddy Krueger is hiding there. In this room, there's something creepy lurking behind every cupboard. Read and share this story.

Homeowners Insurance Covers Halloween Mishaps

OK, so this is actually a relief more than it is a scare, but your followers would love to know this. Some pretty common Halloween tricks that are no treat to your home (or your guests) are covered by your homeowners insurance. Read and share this story.