Where to Find the Best Leads in Real Estate

November 8, 2013

The most valuable leads for real estate professionals still come from traditional paths over online sources, according to the Imprev Thought Leader Survey of top real estate executives. 

Traditional sources like open houses, past-client referrals, For Sale signs, and walk-ins to brokerage offices are more effective at generating new customer leads than relying on online sources, according to the survey. 

About 97 percent of broker-owners and top executives at brokerage firms surveyed said traditional sources provide the most valuable leads. Sixty-three percent of those executives even called traditional sources provided “exceptional value” leads. On the other hand, less than 3 percent of executives ranked online lead-generation sources as “exceptional value.”  

The survey also found the following top sources for leads: 

  • A firm’s own Web site: 84 percent of leaders said their brokerage or corporate Web site provides leads of “exceptional” or “reasonable” value
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and others): 51 percent called these leads “reasonable” value and 11 percent “exceptional” value.

But follow-up still remains problematic, the survey found. Only 10 percent of executives said that they’re “very satisfied” with overall lead follow-up by their real estate agents. Nearly 40 percent said they are “not at all satisfied” with lead follow-up, according to the survey. 

Source: Imprev Inc. 

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