Colo. Broker Launches Pot-Friendly Campaign

January 10, 2014

Colorado is the first state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana, and one Colorado broker sees it as a way to educate new home buyers who are interested in growing it at home. Bob Costello with Brokers Guild Real Estate has launched a “marijuana-friendly” campaign dubbed “420 Friendly Realty Broker.” 

Colorado’s new law, which went into effect Jan. 1, also allows home owners to grow up to six pot plants for personal use. 

Costello told The Huffington Post that he offers prospective buyers a greater understanding of Colorado’s marijuana laws and what to think about in finding a home for their now legalized new recreational activity. 

"I don’t give the attitude or lectures on lifestyle choices," Costello says. "So we can have this open discussion about the concerns of household with marijuana users, perhaps they want to also grow -- we can talk about all of this without judgment."

He also says that he informs home buyers who are interested in growing marijuana of what they need to consider in setting up a growing room in a home and makes them aware of the laws. 

"The number one thing to be concerned about is mold,” Costello says. “You need to have proper ventilation. ... But the other thing that’s important is the kind of [electrical] amperage you can pull in at the home. Some older neighborhoods can be limited in how much amperage you can even get into the house without putting a new panel for larger distribution. So I can help them work out solutions for issues like these.”

Costello says not everyone at his brokerage of about 700 agents is supportive of his new ad campaign. 

“There’s a bigotry, a stigma," Costello says. "When I announced this marijuana-friendly plan and wanted to make sure it was approved by the company, some of the older owners and managers said, ‘This is terrible; this is ruining America. How could you do that?’" 

Source: “Meet Colorado's Marijuana-Friendly Real Estate Broker,” Huffington Post (Jan. 9, 2014)

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