The Connection Between Flailing and Failing

January 24, 2014

To be more effective in negotiations, real estate agents should pay close attention to their body language.

If you can keep your body still, you'll be better able to garner trust and appear more calm, in control, and less intimidating than those who gesture when they talk. Agents who adopt a "power pose," such as standing with their feet planted firmly apart and their arms crossed, look more confident than those who sit with their ankles crossed or those who fidget, play with their phones, or brush back their hair.

You can reduce nervous fidgeting and stop rapid breathing by holding your breath for the count of five, then exhaling for the count of five.  It also helps if you look people directly in the eye and use downstrokes when you speak, particularly at the end of sentences.

Moreover, avoid raising your voice, speaking in the tone of voice you'd use with an upset child instead.

Source: "Real Estate Agents' Body Language and Speech Can Cost Them Business," Inman News (01/23/14)

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