Survey: Most Facebook Users Don’t Post A Lot

February 4, 2014

Facebook boasts more than 1.2 billion users worldwide, but only a small percentage are using the social network to share details about their lives every day, according to a new Pew Research survey.

The survey of 1,800 adults shows that only 10 percent update their status daily, while 4 percent update it more than once a day. About 15 percent of users comment on photos more than once a day.

A quarter of survey respondents say they share nothing at all on Facebook.

“The survey suggests that a significant portion of Facebook is a one-way conversation buoyed by Internet voyeurs who relish the ability to document their lives with their friends or the public,” The Wall Street Journal reports. Some survey respondents reported they felt pressure to gather “likes” and were “tempted” to share too much information.

But the survey also suggests that “super sharers” may be annoying some users. The survey found that about 36 percent of users said they disliked it when people share “too much information about themselves.”

Some other findings from the survey:

  • 44 percent of users click on the “like” button on content posted by their friends.
  • The average adult on Facebook has 338 friends.
  • 27% said they disliked “other people seeing posts or comments you didn’t mean for them to see.”
  • Daily active users were up 22 percent on Facebook year-over-year.

Source: “Few Facebook Users Share Daily, Survey Says,” The Wall Street Journal (Feb. 3, 2014)

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