Old Grain Towers Offer City Housing Expansion

February 12, 2014

As developers seek new ways to create space in congested city areas, one city overseas has decided to go against the grain and convert their long-unused agricultural storage silos to student housing.

The city of Johannesburg, South Africa, turned its grain silos into the new Mill Junction residences, which includes 375 units for student housing, along with study facilities, lounges, computer rooms, and libraries. The 11-story development is encompassed by former shipping containers retired from freight transport and storage; many of the apartment units made from the freight containers include balconies overlooking the city, with recreational areas on top.

The tall grain silos have had floors added and windows cut into the sides, while the shipping containers, some 50 years old, required special titanium blades to have windows cut out. Cintiq, the developer, anticipates that the first residents will move in this week.

Source: "Mill Junction Silo Stacked Container Apartments Overlook Johannesburg," Designboom

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