3 Ways for Real Estate Pros to Work More Efficiently

February 19, 2014

While there's a lot of talk about "work-life-balance" in the real estate industry, Nobu Hata, NAR's director of digital engagement, says market realities today mean that agents are working longer hours showing listings, handling multiple-offer situations, and spending time with their clients. 

To make sure your time is being spent in the most productive and efficient way possible, Hata offers these tips:

Audit Your Productivity Processes: “'Being mobile,' actually means 'being productive,'” Hata says. Make sure you know how to use DocuSign, Dotloop, zipForm, and your broker or MLS’s technology for writing offers in the field. Use a MiFi hotspot and your laptop to hold office meetings with your clients at a neighborhood coffee shop or in your car while looking at listings. Hata suggests that brokers turn their next sales meeting into a workshop where agents to practice writing mobile contracts using these tools.

Make Your Client Orientation Customer-Specific, Rather Than You-Specific: Ask your clients about their real estate experiences so far, and find out what “a day in the life of their real estate search” looks like, Hata suggests. Then Google listing together and see exactly what they're seeing online. "The agent perspective is always MLS-centric, while our clients tend to be Google-centric," Hata says. "Your goal is to get your clients to be decisive, to anticipate the market with you and to get them to realize that what they’re seeing online is mix of advertising and yesterday’s new listings." An agent's website can serve as an education tool: Add checklists, how-to videos, a glossary of real estate terms, market updates, and your value proposition, Hata says, and point new clients there for pre-meeting homework.

Marketing and Lead-Generation: Use your MLS and association’s monthly market data to write a "How's the market?" report on your website each month. Hone your market expertise by pulled the top 10 hottest neighborhoods, zip codes, home-types sold, etc., Hata suggests.  Compare your findings to historic trends and write a blog about it. Share what you've learned on social media and save your reports to Dropbox so you can quickly email them to prospects at open houses. "Gain mind-share now for market-share later," Hata says.

Read all of Hata's tips at Speaking of Real Estate.

Source: "Optimize Yourself and Your Client for This Crazy Market," Speaking of Real Estate (Feb. 18, 2014)

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