Can Snapchat Help Brands Connect?

March 3, 2014

If you're targeting first-time buyers, it may be time to shift from away from Facebook. But is Snapchat the answer to engagement?

According to Sumpto, a marketing and brand insights company specifically targeting the college-age demographic, 20-somethings are surprisingly willing to engage with brands on the photo messaging app known as Snapchat. In a recent survey of 1,650 students who attend more than 200 higher-education institutions, they found that 73 percent of college students would open a Snapchat message from a brand they knew, and 45 percent would open a "Snap" from a brand they didn't know.

Of course, the shelf life of such communication is short; Snapchat videos and photos are viewable for up to ten seconds. The messages disappear immediately after being viewed, or 24 hours after being posted when using the Snapchat Stories feature. Sumpto recommended that brands capitalize on the service by sending one-to-one snaps with specific calls to action, and by offering rewards for users who engage further.

Source: "What McDonald's Is Doing on Snapchat," Adweek (Feb. 27, 2014)

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