New Website Grades Neighborhood Appeal

March 17, 2014

A newly launched website called Neighborhood Appeal is allowing visitors to submit a letter grade—ranging on a scale from A+ to F—for neighborhoods across the country.

The site says it uses an algorithm and a “crowd sourcing” approach to allow visitors to give grades based on a neighborhood’s appeal.

“A lot of websites that analyze neighborhoods provide complicated numbers or statistics,” says Michael Nirenberg, the website’s founder, who adds the site simplifies the numbers into a letter grade. “Any child knows what an F means. … Most people looking to move to or visit a neighborhood just want to know: Is it a nice place? Ultimately, the people who know the area first-hand will decide.”

The website also allows visitors to pose questions to those who live in the neighborhood.

According to the site, some neighborhoods will use their grade as a symbol of pride, while other neighborhoods may use it as a wake up call to improve conditions there.

—By REALTOR® Magazine Daily News

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