App Turns iPhone Taps Into Floor Plans

March 26, 2014

If creating floor plans for your listings is a task you run from, a new app may help cure your pain.

RoomScan can devise floor plans simply by reading the iPhone's sensors as you hold the phone up to a room's walls. Using voice commands, it guides you through tapping the phone against the walls and then takes the sensor data to compile a diagram of the room's layout.

The developer, Locometric, says that the app itself creates measurements accurate to about six inches, but once each room's floor plan has been created, users can enter their own measurements to refine the diagrams. A free demo version will create the floor plan for one room, including diagonal walls and L-shaped areas, while the $5 "pro" version can create a full floor plan, lets the user place doors and windows, and adds a few other features.

The app requires an Apple mobile device with a full set of sensors, including motion detection, and the latest version of the operating system, iOS 7.

Source: "RoomScan pings real space with iPhone," SlashGear (3/20/2014)

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