Counties with Highest, Lowest Property Taxes

April 14, 2014

Home owners spend an average of about 1.4 percent of their home’s value (or around $2,800) on annual property taxes. But in some areas, that number is much higher.

Home owners in New York, New Jersey, and Colorado, pay more than five times the national average, according to a new study of the average real estate taxes paid on single-family housing in 2012, conducted by Zillow. The study adjusted for the average cost of single-family homes in each county.

The following counties have the lowest property taxes (as a percentage of home value):

  • Caroline County, Va.: 0.17%
  • Catahoula County, La., and Randolph, Ariz.: 0.2%
  • Iberville County, La., and Cumberland County, Tenn.: 0.21%
  • Butler County, Penn., and Maui County, Hawaii: 0.22%
  • Elmore County, Ala., and De Soto County, La.: 0.23%

On the other hand, the counties with the highest property taxes (as a percentage of home value) are:

  • Allegany County, N.Y.: 3.76%
  • Milwaukee County, Wis.: 3.68%
  • Kendall County, Ill.: 3.57%
  • Sullivan County, N.Y.: 3.56%
  • Orleans County, N.Y.: 3.49%

Source: “Who Pays America’s Highest (and Lowest) Property Taxes?” RISMedia (April 13, 2014)

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