The Biggest Hurdles to Home Ownership

July 8, 2014

With mortgage rates still near historical lows, why aren’t more home owners making a move? Housing analysts blame student loan debt, overly strict lending standards, and lost equity as the leading culprits behind a sluggish housing recovery. But what do home owners say?

Mortgage information site surveyed 786 home owners at the end of 2013 about their experiences when it came to finding and financing their home. The top six biggest hurdles to home ownership were identified as:

  1. Home prices (flagged by 23.5% respondents): Rising home prices are not just difficult for young home buyers. Home owners aged 50 to 59 reported the highest incidence of struggling with higher home prices.
  2. Down payment (22.9%): Those aged 18 to 29 reported the least trouble with down payments, while home owners aged 30 to 39 and 50 to 59 reported the highest incidence of down-payment struggles.
  3. No issues (20.9%): A significant portion of respondents said they don’t face any hurdles to home ownership, with older home owners reporting fewer hurdles than their younger counterparts. 
  4. Credit score: 12.8%
  5. Interest rates: 12.6%
  6. Property taxes: 7.3%

Source: “Survey: What’s the Hardest Part of Affording a Home?” (June 17, 2014)