Campaign Puts a Face to Homelessness and Goes Viral

July 24, 2014

An advocacy campaign aimed at battling homelessness created by the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness is gaining traction across the globe.

Rethink Homelessness”, now in its eighth month, aims to rally citizens and leaders to better understand homelessness and get more people involved in overcoming it. The campaign has already generated 20,000 local followers on social media, and a new video has gone viral around the world with more than 1 million views in just five days.

The video, “Cardboard Stories,” goes behind the faces of the people living on the streets. The campaign’s lead advocate and spokesperson Joshua Johnson spent time with homeless on the streets within the community, learning their names and stories.

"We need to change the way people look at homelessness if we are going to find solutions for those in need" says Andrae Bailey, CEO of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness. "The homeless are people, just like you and I, that were usually impacted by some sort of tragedy. …We have to admit we thought wrong about who these people are. We found out through our research that the homeless are people with disabilities and mental illness and mothers escaping domestic violence and veterans who panhandle because they have post-traumatic stress and they're living on our streets after serving our country."

Source: Central Florida Commission on Homelessness