Tech Company Targets You With Cookies

September 15, 2014

RealScout, a real estate software company, decided that instead of buying banner ads or postcards to reach out to potential real estate customers, it would try a different approach: A cookie delivery campaign.

On Aug. 24, RealScout launched its 1,100-mile cookie run, reaching 71 open houses, called #RealScoutCookies. The marketing campaign was aimed at thanking the company’s current customers and reaching out to potential new ones.  The company delivered 1,200 cookies in 31 cities. Andrew Flachner, founder of RealScout, said on the company’s blog that the campaign was a success, mentioned throughout the press and in social media channels.

The company says the total cost of the cookie campaign—including the cookies, driving, and promotions—came out to $1,548 (or $38 per lead).

“The main thing we learned? Focusing on delight is always the right thing,” wrote Flachner on the company’s blog. “Creating delight doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s always more effective than a postcard.”

Source: “#RealScoutCookies Recap,” RealScout Blog (Sept. 2, 2014)