Agent Knocked Unconscious Outside Listing

October 13, 2014

A Laguna Nigel, Calif., man has been arrested in connection with an assault of a real estate agent, who was reportedly placed in a chokehold and knocked unconscious as she tried to secure a lockbox to a home she was selling.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department says a 55-year-old female real estate agent  was punched in the face and placed in a chokehold as she was securing the home. She was left at the doorstep unconscious, police say. Later she was taken to the hospital, and shortly thereafter released.

As the man fled the scene, he got into a fight with a neighbor who had overheard the commotion. Police conducted an extensive search but they were unable to find a suspect in the attack until the next day. Police later arrested 23-year-old John Glenn, charging him in connection with the assault on the agent. Glenn faces charges of attempted robbery and felony assault.

Police say that Glenn told them he was under the influence of drugs and was attempting to break into the house to steal items. Police say they don’t believe the agent was specifically targeted.

Some county real estate agents reportedly shut down their open houses after hearing about the 1 p.m. attack on Saturday. Last month’s slaying of an Arkansas real estate agent named Beverly Carter has shaken many in the industry, resulting in renewed calls for higher safety standards. Carter was robbed, kidnapped, and killed after showing a vacant, foreclosed home to a man posing as a buyer.

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