Vant to Invest in Count Dracula's Home?

October 27, 2014

Got quirky buyers looking for a unique home? How about investing in one of the most popular horror stories of all time?


Bran Castle is nestled in the heart of the mountains in Romania (formerly Transylvania).  Carved out of the rock, Bran was home to queens, kings, and knights.

According to legend, Bran Castle was also home the notorious monster, Count Dracula. The property supposedly inspired Bram Stoker to write the celebrated novel about the blood-sucking monster in 1897. Truth be told, the actual residence of Vlad Tepes or “Vlad the Impaler” is a couple of miles from Bran, and in ruins. However, over half a million visitors a year come to see this horror home associated with a vicious and vindictive ruler who was said to have put his enemies on sharpened spikes as a message to others.

The current owners have painstakingly restored the castle and are looking to sell the former customs house associated with the vicious ruler to a private buyer who is willing to invest in it as a major tourist attraction. It's on the market now for forty-seven million pounds ($78 million USD).

Source: "2014 Haunted Homes You Can Buy," (October 2014).