Tips and Tricks from Top Producers

February 4, 2015

If you weren’t in New York last week for the Real Estate Connect conference … congratulations. You avoided the Northeast “snowpocalypse” that shut down America’s most populous city the night before the conference began and became a running gag all week long. (A generous prize was awarded to the attendee that had the hardest time getting to the city.)

Of course, you also missed some great tips and tricks of the trade from some of the top producers in the industry. Luckily, REALTOR® Magazine was there to cover all the news and information that came out of Real Estate Connect, so we’ve got you covered. Here are the stories you need to know about:

Think Like a Startup
When you’re starting your business from scratch, you’re probably thinking too far into the future: creating a business plan, creating a logo, developing marketing materials, building a financial base to launch ad campaigns. It’s a bit overwhelming. But here’s the thing: You don’t really need any of that to get yourself off the ground. If you’re thinking like a true startup, the only thing that matters is making a product people want.

The Ingredients for Success
More than 40 years ago, McDonald’s concocted one of the best recipes for a winning product that still remains one of the most visible in the fast-food industry today: the Big Mac. Each ingredient served a very specific purpose, coming together to create a formula for massive success. Here’s how that formula applies to real estate.

Secrets to Reaching International Buyers
Foreign buyers are becoming a larger force in the U.S. real estate market, and if you’re not marketing to them, you could be missing out on huge opportunities for business. But how do you reach people who aren’t even living in the same country as you? Practitioners working with some of the biggest brokerages in New York ­– arguably one of the most attractive cities to foreigners – give their tips for getting face time with clients worldwide.

Fit Your Clients Into Your Company’s Story
Consumers are being inundated by advertising these days, so brokerages need a new way to market to them. A new type of concept called involvement advertising includes actually making customers part of a company’s advertising. This is how some of the country’s biggest brands – think of the famous Pepsi opener to the Beyonce halftime show at the 2013 Super Bowl – are getting their audience into their ads.

What Your Videos Should Really Be Selling
There’s nothing new about video home tours, so is there something more interesting you could be doing with video? Leigh Brown, broker-owner of RE/MAX Executive Realty in Concord, N.C., turns the camera on herself instead. She says you are the real product consumers are looking for. So instead of focusing on homes, create videos that sell yourself as an agent.

3 Ways Rookies Can Boost Their Client Base
Most rookies need a few months at least to market themselves and spread the word about their business before clients start signing on. But what tactics will get you there the quickest? Three agents reveal their strategies for tapping into referrals, online agent reviews, and neighborhood farming for steady, reliable business.

Walk a Mile in Your Clients’ Shoes
To give the best customer experience to your clients, you have to have empathy for them. See the transaction from their point of view, and you’ll be able identify the things your customers are most in need of. Here are a few ways business have been successful in giving their clients the best experience possible.

What Does Your Schedule Look Like?
You may think creating a schedule for yourself is useless because you’re probably not going to stick to it. But the real problem may not be the ineffectiveness of scheduling itself. It could be that you’re not scheduling your time efficiently enough. Think of your tasks in three layers, and plot out your calendar accordingly.

When You Fail, Get Over It
Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, New York’s largest real estate brokerage, says the best trait top producers possess is the ability to move on when something doesn’t work out.

How Life-Altering Challenges Can Make Your Business Stronger
Imran Poladi, vice president of real estate franchisor NextHome Inc., speaks about how his cancer diagnosis reshaped his life – and how those principles can help you rethink your business.

­–By Graham Wood, REALTOR® Magazine