Builders Target Single, Female Baby Boomers

February 23, 2015

Single, female Baby Boomers are emerging as a powerful demographic and homebuilders are taking notice.

“They have diverse needs, and it is incumbent on us to develop communities that offer an overall experience that reflects all that they want out of life,” says Ryan Marshall, executive vice president of homebuilding operations for the PulteGroup.

A new survey of more than 1,000 single, female adults ages 50 to 68 by DelWebb, a national brand of homebuilder PulteGroup Inc., finds that single, female Baby Boomers are incredibly confident – and happy. In fact, 74 percent of the Baby Boomer women surveyed say they are as happy – or happier – than they were at age 35.

Some of that confidence stems from the fact that 54 percent of single, female Boomers say they are active – or more active – than they were at age 35. Eighty-one percent of those surveyed rank being physically healthy as “very important” and 68 percent rank a healthy lifestyle as one of their top priorities, after time with family and friends.

Builders are taking note of the activities that Boomers say they like and trying to weave them into future developments. For example, the most popular exercising activities cited in the survey by single, female boomers were weight training, hiking, yoga, biking, and swimming.

Source: PulteGroup Inc.