Are You Ready for IoT?

March 23, 2015

The arrival of the Internet changed the way we do business in the late 90s and early 2000s, both inside the real estate industry and out. However, tech watchers say there’s another, equally disruptive technological change that has already begun, and stands to alter the business world once again.

The coming change is known as the Internet of Things (alternatively called the "Cloud of Things" or "real world web") and the concept behind it is that we'll rely on actual computers less and less over the next decade as technological interfaces are woven directly into products. Products—from cars to homes to clothing and everything in between—will be constantly gathering and transmitting data to us, and to other products.

In our latest issue of REALTOR® Magazine, you’ll find your primer on this important emerging technology issue. We explain:

  • How the technology works now and how it might evolve in the near future
  • The transformative effect it could have on the process of buying and selling homes
  • Applications in commercial real estate
  • Security problems and privacy issues

We also have a separate, online-only piece about how real estate associations and multiple listing services could improve the member experience using Internet of Things technology.

—REALTOR® Magazine staff