This Room May Greatly Affect Your Sales Price

April 2, 2015

Don't underestimate the value of your listing's loo. Homes that feature multiple bathrooms, or bathrooms in top condition can really see their value raised. But by how much?

RealtyTrac recently compared the average sale prices of homes based on the number of bathrooms. Between 2001 and 2014, a two-bathroom home rose in value 43 percent while a six-bathroom home climbed more than 90 percent in value. For comparison, a four-bath home – in the middle range -- rose about 47 percent. However, more bathrooms means more square footage, which could be a reason behind the appreciation skew too.

RealtyTrac uncovered the following dollar figures on average home sales from 2001 and 2014, according to the number of bathrooms in the house:

Source: "A Small Room with a Big Value," RealtyTrac (April 1, 2015)