Housing Solutions for Emerging Markets

June 12, 2015

Housing markets all over the world are dealing with a lack of affordable housing options. In many developing markets, builders are creating innovative properties that seek to solve the growing affordable housing and urbanization issue, as well as provide shelter for  at-risk populations that battle natural disasters on a regular basis.

Floating structures, monolithic domes, and even housing made from paper are just a few of the inventive housing creations that have popped up in emerging markets in order to solve various housing crises, according to global online real estate portal Lamudi, which focuses exclusively on emerging markets.

Here are some examples of these housing solutions:

Paper Refugee Shelters, Rwanda

After the civil war in Rwanda left more than two million people homeless, Shigeru Ban, an award-winning modernist architect, decided to use low-cost paper tubes to build shelters for those in need. This inexpensive solution helped to conserve trees and avoid deforestation, and inspired Ban to make paper shelters all over the world in areas of need.

Paper Log Housing, Philippines

Paper tubes were also a solution after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, destroying 130,000 homes in the process. Shigeru Ban Architects were able to create emergency housing that included beer crates filled with sandbags, floor panels made of coconut wood and plywood, and paper tubes as the structural frame.

Makoko Floating School, Nigeria

In Lagos, urbanization and lack of space is a big problem. To confront this issue, NLÉ designed a prototype for a floating school to be built in the water community of Makoko.

Earthquake-proof Housing, Indonesia

A devastating earthquake in 2006 inspired the partnership of Domes for the World (DTWF) and the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) in building 80 monolithic domes in Indonesia. These structures are made to withstand various natural disasters and provide a secure shelter for those most as need in the area.

Ecovillage, Uganda

Earthbag construction technology was the solution for the growing environmental, economical, and social challenges in Uganda. More than three million people near Lake Victoria are at-risk for violence and natural disasters, and this earthbag ecovillage was created specifically to provide protection from bullets, fire, wind, and rain.

Source: Lamudi