More Consumers Have Higher Credit Scores

September 1, 2015

Nearly one in five consumers have a FICO credit score that is 800 or higher. The percentage has slightly risen from 19.9 percent currently from 19.6 percent six months earlier, according to the Fair Isaac Corp.

As such, fewer consumers have credit scores below 550, a steady decline that has been appearing since late 2009.

Since Fair Isaac Corp. started tracking in October 2005, the national FICO score is at an all-time high at 695. The improvement in credit scores does seem to be showing some signs of leveling off, however.

FICO scores are one of three key metrics lenders use to evaluate prospective borrowers and determine mortgage rates. The rates borrowers get between the highest and lowest acceptable FICO scores can vary by more than 2.4 percent.

For example, a FICO score between 760 and 850 may get an APR at 3.612 percent whereas a borrower with a FICO score between 620 and 639 may get one at 5.201 percent.

Source: "One in Five Consumers Is a Member of the FICO 800 Club," Real Estate Economy Watch (Aug. 31, 2015)