3 Content Ideas to Expand Your Online Reach

October 27, 2015

Just posting endless details about your newest listing isn’t likely to win you more followers in your online marketing. Joe Sesso, a national speaker for homes.com, reveals four content strategies that you can use to show off your real estate expertise:

  • Create valuable content. For example, offer some tips prospects can use to improve their home, such as by posting DIY projects, tips on cleaning carpets, or the latest on fall décor. Draw from your previous or current clients to highlight one of their DIY projects and feature them on your social pages. You can promote a listing while also providing useful tips to your prospects.
  • Highlight local topics and events. Research what people in your local community are talking about, such as by joining several local Facebook Groups. Then write about the topics they are discussing.
  • Offer some comic relief. Give your followers a laugh by sharing a popular meme, viral video, or a funny real estate picture. “Humor is a great way to humanize your brand and it shows that you’re a regular person, just like your followers” Sesso notes.

Source: “Four Content Strategies to Boost Your Social Rankings,” RISMedia (Oct. 22, 2015)